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We are currently seeking a "Network IT professional" in los angeles ca.

We are currently in need of a "Network IT professional" in los angeles ca, that could help us set up our server infractucture, our own private server with its own dynamic ip address, running linux operating system like CentOs with centos web panel vps and a visual Desktop Environment GUI by gnome,KDE,MATE,Cinnamon,Xfce or any other better linux solution with these features or others more professional and cost efficients. If you wish to apply sent us your contact information through our contact form. Please do not apply if you do not have the knoledge and credentials for this job. This job is a one time job but might be taken into consideration for futures jobs once our website lounches (goes live.) depending on the quality of your services. Thanks for your time.

Offered salary this Job 500 dollars plus gas milleage (spanish speaking is a plus but not required) feel free to ask your own salary if you do not agreed with what we offer when you Contact us.

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