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Your Wold-Wide Classifieds (uwwclass)

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Company Description:

uwwclass is a proyect that was started around 2004, originated with similar concepts to the welknown social-networks, although it couldn't be projected into the market due to major over expending and miscommunication issues we have finally come up with a customized solution which is our new home uwwclass. Many people love social-networks and classifieds sites, uwwclass intends to offer more than a great classifieds-social experience, At uwwclass you’ll be able to get just about anything, Our goal is to reach more than hundred of active users who interact with eachother and promote their items in the upcoming years as we continue to grow and implement new ideas.


Market Opportunity:


Due to the rapid growth of the internet, users have access to a variety of information via email, web browser and corporate applications. Growing in parallel to internet is the widespread use of Social-Networks. However, despite the exponential growth in similar technologies, users are cut off from the core everyday needs. For this case uwwclass wishes to provide the means for a social-classifieds website.




Free and pay classifieds advertisent, focused on our clients needs, and individualy directed to what they expect.
Getting the word out about your company to potential customers and long-term clients is a struggle for many businesses, without the right combination of publicity and promotion, many businesses struggle to gain a foothold in the market. for that reason uwwclass is dedicated to make each client as successful as they can be. Focusing on delivering and managing mobile and web aplications dedicated to make your life as easy and pleasant as posible.
We would like to think that we help people get the service they need.

UWWCLASS gives an opportunity of finding what you really want and fits your needs (Note: based on classifieds listings not as global search engine.). We are a team of people focused on one thing - connecting people with what they need.

Customized market solutions, users are offered free and Premium offers that they can purchase. Everyone wants a good deal, and our teams is eager to give you one...

Personal pages allow users to socialize and comunicate. Online visibility is good. It means more customers, more business and more profits. We give you everything you need to connect with the clients. Create your online presence, launch online ads and socialize.

Our Team:
There's nothing like working with a great group of people.
Get the inside scoop on who we are and what we do.

Contact us at: Contact      Mail us to: support@uwwclass.net




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